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Generations Art by Ryan Chappell + the Latest Gen-X News Links


Generations Art by Ryan Chappell

Generations Art by Ryan Chappell

Generations Art

This is a great piece of artwork I came across on Pinterest. It’s by the African American artist Ryan Chappel and it’s titled “Generation.” This art is even more compelling when viewed in a larger format, so be sure to click the link provided to see it bigger. Note the lone Black boy on the back row. I love this. How old do you think the kids depicted are? Maybe 10 or 11? They look like first-wave Gen-Xers to me.

Commencement Speech Class of 2012 by Neil Howe

Once again the historian and author of numerous books on generations is blogging after being on hiatus for more than a year. His latest posts are terrific. I love how he weaves generational theory and history into current pop culture, movies, and TV, etc. I especially enjoyed his commencement address to the Class of 2012 graduating from the University of Mary Washington, Virginia. Here’s an excerpt:

You Millennials were raised to be special—very special—and trust your counselors, support groups, and smart drugs to keep you feeling pretty good about the world, like a Sims character having just the right digital balance. We, the parents, knew we weren’t very special, didn’t trust anyone to advise us, and thought staying away from counselors was a sign of resilience. When you came to college, there were long orientations and immersions–and many of your parents clutched teddy bears and wept. When we came to college, we jumped out of the car and tried to grab our suitcases before our parents sped off.

Generation X Catholics, Republicans

Is Generation X becoming less Catholic and less Republican? Elizabeth Flock of U.S. News and World report outlines some findings from the American Religious Identification survey. The only problem with this survey is that they define Generation X as the segment of the population born between 1965 and 1972. I’ve never heard of a generation only being seven years in length.

Throwback Thursday

Melissa Fossum blogs for the New Times Phoenix and she has a special called Throwback Thursday where she revisits the “overplayed, over (and under) rated, and one-hit and multi-hit wonders of yesteryear.” In her most recent post she asks, “Are the Smashing Pumpkins Generation X’s Pink Floyd?“

Scary Gen Xers

Finally, here’s an excerpt from the blog, Hopeful Realism, about how Gen X with the “enigmatic, iconic, “X” is no longer scary or threatening.

“There’s nothing like thinning hair, bedraggled parenting and the invitation to your 20-year high school reunion to drain the hype out of your generational identity! (But just for the record… I am loving my life-stage, end of the world or not.)”

Generations Art

Generations Art by Ryan Chappell

What do you think of Ryan Chappell’s Generations Art? Do you see yourself or someone you know in the artistic rendering of Generation X?

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