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Mixtape Design: Artists, Designers Pay Homage to the Mixtape

What is a Mixtape?

Affection for the mixtape (mixed tape or mix tape) just seems to grow and grow. A homemade compilation of favorite songs by different artists, it is now legendary. They were a real mainstay of Generation X adolescence and youth, and I made dozens of them as a teenager. I especially liked recording songs off the radio and onto cassettes — except when the DJ talked over the intro. Ugh.

My dad loved mixtapes, too. He recorded hundreds of his favorite songs from records onto cassettes. He spent hours labeling them and categorizing them.

Get a load of some of these items that pay homage to the mixtape — everything from T-shirt designs to a coffee table and lamp. Long live the mixtape!

Mixtape Design


Mixtape Design | I LOVE THIS!

T-shirt design by Lisa Lisberg Refstrup via Flickr

Mixtape Design Amour

Mixtape Mon Amour

Mixtape Art Print by Nazario Graziano

Mixtape Design

Life Is A Mixtape

Pop Art Print via Handz Restyle Shop on Etsy

Every mixtape is a love letter.

Every mixtape is a love letter.

Even a mixtape brooch | via Corky Saint Clair

Awesome mixtape collection

Awesome Mixtape Collection

Original Source Unavailable | ffffound

My Awesome Mixtape is even the name of a quirky English band.

Mixtape Designed Table

A Mixtape Table

The mixtape is also a coffee table | Jeff Skierka Designs

Mixtape Tower

Mixtape Tower

The mixtape is upcycled and repurposed as a lamp | Break the Record via Etsy

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  1. StarBuck

    mixtapes and wow. i made so many i lost count, i used to work in a studio as a sound tech, we had orders for mass made to customers lists, and i got making my own. hearing vol.1 from guardians of the galaxy was a step back to my early days of sound recording. my library hit 500 tapes ranging from 45 min, to spliced as packed as they would work, now i am gathering some equipment and may just reboot my tapes and have a retro replica and modern set.

  2. Andi Fisher

    I love these and made many, many mix tapes in my day!


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