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Jennifer was the most popular name from 1970 to 1984

One day, my son Sullivan came home from Kindergarten and said, “There are a lot of Jennifer moms in my class.” Jennifer is one of the top five most popular names for girls in the last 100 years. During the coming-of-age years of Generation X, specifically, 1970 to 1984, Jennifer was the most popular name.

jennifer cavilleri

Jennifer Cavilleri made the name Jennifer popular in the 1969 movie Love Story.

What’s In A Name

Jennifer Most Popular Name

Jennifer O’Neal in the Summer of 49. She also helped popularize the name.

Today, CBS Sunday Morning aired a story they first published in May about a Betty Club in Hastings, Nebraska. They even have an annual reunion. Check out Betty: What’s in a name?

I’ve written about Jennifers on this blog a few times and thought it would be really fun to start a regular feature for all the Jennifers out there. Please follow Women Named Jennifer. Here are some of my first posts about the name Jennifer:

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Do you have a favorite Jennifer?

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Jennifer

     Thanks, Rose. I know Jennifer is going the way of Myrtle and Betty. It’s kind of funny!

  2. Rose Byrd

    YOU are my favorite Jennifer, so far!  I have no idea why I have personally known so few Jennifers in my 65 years!  But your fine practice of PR work wins you the prize of being my favorite Jennifer, for now!  Love the idea of the FB page.


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