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Parody of We Are Young Portrays 30 and 40-Somethings as a Little Pathetic

Back in April, Yahoo’s SketchY comedy series published a dark comedy about Generation X via a music video. The nearly five-minute piece went viral. It’s called We’re Not Young and it’s a parody of Fun’s hit song We Are Young. 

I must have been sleeping under a rock or raising three kids or something because I completely missed this. But, maybe that’s a good thing as it kind of fails to walk that fine line between mortifying (or horrifying) you and making you laugh. Think: Frances McDormand getting tangled up in that shower curtain in Fargo. You laughed even though you worried she was about to be murdered.

So, dark comedy has never really been my cup of tea. But, I love Fun’s song and the parody has some redeeming qualities even if it’s pathetic and depressing. Consider this spoofy line, which made me grin:

“Tonight, we’re not young. We’re all somewhere in our 30s and nothing worthy. This ain’t fun. Tonight, we’re not young. I guess I’ll learn Photoshop…Start a blog.”

Another line says, “We’ve accomplished almost nothing. I have no money…” 

Speaking of not being young anymore, does anyone know if that Ocuvite stuff works? The doctor says I don’t need glasses, but I could not read the light gray activation code on my new T-Mobile SIM card to save my life. The Super Bridgy, my five-year-old, had to come to my rescue. We’re not young…

Do you like Fun’s original song We Are Young?

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