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Kip the Majorette

Kip the Majorette by Topper Dawn Dolls | Photo by

Kip the Majorette by Topper Dawn Dolls | Photo by

This is kinda scary, friends. I’ve reached that age where I’m starting to once again want dolls. At least of the Topper Dawn variety.

Topper Dawn Majorette DollsTopper Dawn Majorette Dolls via Virgin-Archer on Flickr

This is Kip the Majorette, a 6 1/2 inch doll by Topper Dawn. I mentioned in a blog post a few months ago that I’d always wanted one of these. (See: 1970 Dolls: The Dawn Doll By Topper.) So, for my birthday this year, my mom got her for me. She found her on eBay. Isn’t that awesome!? Thanks, Mom!!

Also, see how I’m calling the doll she and not it? This is how it starts. Before you know it I’ll be cruising around in an RV going to Dawn Doll conventions

Topper Dawn produced four different majorette dolls during the early 1970s that were part of the Dawn Doll brand. They were Connie, Kip, Dawn, and April.

Kermit High School Majorettes | Go Yellowjackets! | Kermit, Texas, 1978

My obsession with baton twirling was fueled by the girls in the picture above. These are majorettes from Kermit High School located in West Texas. We lived there in the late 1970s and attended football games sometimes. I suppose there is nothing grander for a 9-year-old girl than to see teenagers in gold sequined bodysuits wearing tall metallic boots and wearing velvet capes with fur trim. Disneyland *might* have been more exciting than watching those girls twirl batons, but I doubt it.

Lori Loughlin Majorette Pattern by Simplicity

If there is one thing that I wish would come back in style it is baton twirling. By the way, guess who that girl is in the Simplicity pattern for the majorette costume? It’s none other than the Generation X actress Lori Loughlin.


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  1. Jennifer

    The gleam of the baton! I miss it. Thanks for Kip, Mom!

  2. Andi Fisher

    I am not sure I went to any schools with majorettes, but I was a flag girl for my freshman year of high school (then we moved) – that is sort of a giant baton 😉

  3. Bhelemartin1034

    Love the post —  I didn’t know there were other “Dawn”majorette.  At my age(78) I also enjoy collecting dolls, only mine are the Victorian and “Great Depression” variety.
    Those days in Kermit were fun days.  I love marhing bands and the twirlers slways captured my inagination.  It would be wonderful if OKC high schools would encourage this remarable talent.  Thanks for sharing.  Love you–  Mom


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