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Vintage Little Red Riding Hood Film Short and Old Costumes

Vintage Little Red Riding Hood

Vintage Little Red Riding Hood

Today’s Halloween feature in the 2012 Countdown to Halloween is Little Red Riding Hood. The fairy tale was written more than  300 years ago by the French writer Charles Perrault. It’s been adapted many times over the years, most recently by the talented Canadian artist and animator Cale Atkinson. His film short, Lil Red, recently appeared on the popular site Drawn Blog.

For generations, parents have shared the bedtime story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf with their children. My mom was terrific at telling this story. Her version featured a very kind little girl whose thoughtfulness shamed the Big Bad Wolf into good behavior. She told it with enough suspense to keep me entertained, but I was never scared.

Little Red Riding hood and Robin costume from the 1970s





















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  1. Amy Lynn

    I was Little Red Riding Hood in kindergarten, around 1973. I think my mom picked the costume because it was easy to put together–a red dress and a cape my grandmother sewed. The next year, we re-used the cape when I went as a nurse!

  2. Andi Fisher

    I never dressed up in Little Red Riding Hood, for some reason I was never fond of this story!

  3. 80sMom

    I had not been to your blog in a while, Jen, and as soon as I clicked here I thought: what the heck? I am missing so much good stuff!  I always enjoys your blog–wish I had more time these days for fooling around in blog-land 🙂


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