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Frankenberry: The monster cereal that gave Gen Xers nuclear pink poop

Frankenberry Cereal Through The Years

Frankenberry Cereal Through The Years

Putting the Boo Berry Art Gallery together was so much fun, I thought I’d hang a Frankenberry exhibit today and maybe one in honor of Count Chocula later this week.

Pink Poop | Poor Frankenberry.

Pink Poop | Poor Frankenberry.

Frankenberry is the most beloved character in the General Mills monster triumvirate. If you’re a fan, you’re in luck because there is a lot of terrific Frankenberry art out there. Before I get into all that, however, did you know about Frankenberry Stool? The cereal had a poop named after it after it gave a bunch of little Gen Xers nuclear pink poop. Gross, huh?

Turns out, our digestive systems were unable to break down the pink dye.

The benign medical condition was first addressed by the University of Maryland Medical School. Later, it was included in pediatric medical journals including one with an anonymous title, Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology. But, hey, the keyword here is benign. Frankenberry Stool even has a Facebook page and mascot. The flies are a nice touch. Ugh.

Cereal Killers

Art by Menace Inc Studios sells for $75

Art by Menace Inc Studios sells for $75

Check out this clever piece, “Cereal Killers: Frankenberry,” from Menace Inc. Studios. You gotta love someone who bills their work as “low brow art.”

In 2005, Frankenberry appeared in Family Guy. He was depicted as a 34-year-old contestant on the cartoon’s version of The Bachelorette. Funny, that would have been his actual age. He’s looking a little tooth-shaped in this shot.


FrankenBerry Stein and His Bride

In 2003, Bob Renzas, a graphic designer and animator created a parody of Frankenberry (below, right). And, just this year, artist Becca Whitaker created his wife, The Bride of Frankenberry. An 11×17 of this print is for sale for $15.

There’s lots of great Franken Berry stuff on Etsy including a ring featuring a bowl of the cereal. Weird, eh? The cameo pendant is from Goraline. The T-shirt is from SeanStarWars, and that weird ring is from Catrina’s Toys. You can order a Franken Berry costume from

Vintage Frankenberry Costume

I love this homemade Frankenberry costume from the 1980s. It was featured on the Tumblr for General Mills.

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  1. Jennifer

    We never outgrow parent guilt. ha!

  2. Demoncat4

    i used to love eating frankenberry when young though never  knew about it turning ones poop pink

  3. Jason

    My parents were/are dentists. I was never allowed to try any of this stuff…and I can’t do it now out of guilt! Just can’t win!

  4. Timmy21

    Hi, this is a very
    interesting web page and I have enjoyed read­ing many of the arti­cles and
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  5. Andi Fisher

    Another one I never got to try!


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