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LIFE Magazine Thanksgiving Magazine Covers, Lost and G.I. Generations

Life Thanksgiving Magazine Covers from the late 1800s through the 1920s.

Row 1: November 7, 1907 | November 3, 1904 | November 3, 1902
Row 2: November 27, 1903 | November 22, 1923 | November 27, 1903
Row 3: November 20, 1900 | November 6, 1919 | November 23, 1893
Row 4: November 24, 1896 | November 28 | 1901 | November 27, 1904

One of the best part-time jobs I had in college was working in the periodicals department of the college library. In my free-time I loved to read flip through the bound volumes of old Time, Newsweek and Life magazines. I especially loved LIFE! As a little kid, I always thought it was tied to the game and the cereal. I learned so much pouring over those gigantic bound volumes

LIFE | November 1900

In case you’re clueless, LIFE was published weekly until 1972. It was heavy on the photojournalism. In fact, it was one of the things that sparked my interest in photography. From 1978 to 2000, the magazine published a monthly version. Although it’s ceased publication now, you can still find LIFE online through Time’s website at

I found these old covers of Thanksgiving issues on the Herald Square Hotel site. The hotel was the original Life magazine building. I really like the issue featuringthe the Native American woman leaning on the pumpkin (Thanksgiving 1900).The dates of all these issues encompass the birth years of either the Lost Generation (1883-1900) or the G.I. Generation (1901-1924), frequently referred to as the Greatest Generation.

Fun Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Which of the Thanksgiving magazine covers do you like the best?

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