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White Christmas in Oklahoma City

We hoped big for a white Christmas and look what happened!

Boy Playing in the Snow on a White Christmas Morning

Sully Playing in the Snow on a White Christmas Morning. His little red face distressed me so. He as very cold but he wanted to enjoy the white Christmas.

My son Sullivan. Easily one of the best people I know. The other day when I was frustrated he said, “Patience, Mom, patience. I know how you feel. I get very frustrated when I’m hungry.”

Sledding on White Christmas

Robert pulling the kids on a sled on a white Christmas morning in Oklahoma City, 2012

Around 10:30 a.m. on Christmas Day we were the only people in our neighborhood playing outside! We enjoyed two hours of sheer rebellion playing in the middle of the street. We noticed that Jeff wasn’t home so we initiated his driveway with our sleds. Thanks, Jeff!   

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright.

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  1. Alan Bates

    Oh, yes, we had a great BROWN Christmas that we enjoyed very much but near as much as your rebellion.


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