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80s Punk Rock Party

80s Punk Rock Party

This is a 1995 flyer from a punk rock concert in San Pedro, California. It was billed as Jen’s 16th Birthday and featured punk bands FYP and RPM. I think it’s a nice edition to The Jennifer Chronicles.

So, the punk movement spans three generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Gen Y. It developed between 1974 and 1976 in the U.S., Australia and the United Kingdom. San Pedro, in particular, became a punk stronghold and continues to be to this day.

A lot of my friends rocked the punk look in high school, especially on Punk Rock Day, which usually occurred during Homecoming Week. That’s about as hard-core as it got in rural Kansas. I remember one time, my classmates, Mollie and Cheryl, showed up on a normal school day wearing large shirts over tights and leg-warmers. They looked so cute, but our principal sent them home. I’m not really sure why. They wore the exact same outfits on Punk Rock Day and nobody said anything. Their picture even appeared in our high school yearbook.

In college, a few of my friends dabbled in the punk movement, but it was pretty mild, all things considered. In reality, punk was a small subculture. While it had a big influence on rock-n-roll, it was more parodied by Generation X than it was involved in defining it.

What about you? Did you ever attend an 80s punk rock party?

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