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Jennifer Playing with Donny and Marie Dolls

Donny and Marie Dolls

Donny and Marie Dolls

I received this set of Donny and Marie dolls for my 11th birthday. I bet a bunch of Generation X girls received these dolls as Christmas and birthday presents in 1978. I was happy to have them, as all my dolls had blond hair, but I never really liked the real-life characters that much.

The Donny and Marie variety show aired from 1976 to 1979. I watched it sometimes, and it could be entertaining, but I always felt like I was watching my sisters’ TV. Even though I was clueless about generations at that age, I knew that Donny and Marie didn’t belong to me. It didn’t help that my father bemoaned the notion that anyone could be a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll. That was a song Marie sang.

Vintage Donny and Marie Album

A girl named Jennifer holds up her vintage Donny and Marie album with her brother. In the background, there appears to be one of those tin doll houses. 

Anyway, here’s a Flashback Friday for The Jennifer Chronicles: A Jennifer fro 1977 showing off her Donny and Marie LP. Photo courtesy Grilled Cheese on Flickr.

I love this photo with the TV rabbit ears in the background, but I especially dig that old metal dollhouse! I had a friend who had one of these growing up. Every time we sat down to play with it I asked her where the dolls were and every time she told me it didn’t come with any. We got very bored very fast.

Open-backed Metal dollhouses were popular from the late 40 through the early 60s. I guess they were done in by Barbie who arrived on the scene in 1959.


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  1. Andi Fisher

    I had the dolls, loved the show. My sister used to be Marie and I was Donny when we played 😉


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