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Jennifer Muse

Jennifer Muse

Jennifer Muse

In 2007, Flickr user P.S. Zollo was inspired to write the following prose for a woman named Jennifer he saw sitting at an outdoor cafe on Ventura Boulevard.I was walking down Ventura Boulevard
in sunny Studio City, and passed her. She
was sitting at an outdoor cafe, reading,
eating, drinking coffee. My first
instinct was not to impose myself
into her self-contained world, and I
walked by. She was snug down under
her hat, kind of hiding from the sun
and the world. But I knew
I’d regret not even asking,
so I went back and asked for
her photo, and she seemed flattered
and said, “I’m not sure…” but smiled
sweetly. I asked her what she did,
and she was “I’m a muse.”
I told her we all need a muse
and it was nice to meet one in person,
and she smiled and said, “Sure,
go ahead,” and I did.

Truly, you never know what you will find on Flickr!

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Do you have a Jennifer Muse?

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