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Carnival Queen Jennifer

The Jennifer Chronicles are the Chronicles of Generation X. Except this Jennifer is probably not a Gen Xer. The photo was taken in 1968 and she looks to be about 10 years old. If so, that makes her that sliver of a generation known as Generation Jones.

Is this not a fantastic photo? It was taken in Bartsmouth, Wales during the annual carnifal. They spell it with an F. The photo is from the Flickr account of Hugh G. Roberts. I wrote to him about this Jennifer. The photo was taken by her father. He must have been so proud! Her last name at the time was Lill. She may have gone to work for the London police. I can’t find out any more information about her.

I mentioned yesterday that the name Jennifer seems to have first gained popularity in Europe because I’ve sourced so many more pictures of Jennifers in Europe during the late 1960s than in the United States.

Jennifer Lill, you were such a beautiful young girl. I hope life turned out grand for you. I know your dad must have been so proud of you being a little carnival queen and all!

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