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Things That Are Green

Things that are green

We like to spy on the neighbors.
They look so happy together.
Funny the power of strangers.
Sometimes I wonder if they got it better.
Green. Have you seen green?
Check out the view from the rooftop.
They’ve got a horse and a big trampoline.
Running and jumping till they drop.
Down on the ground and they’re rolling around in… green.
Have you seen green?
–From Edie Brickell’s Green

So, Nichole from Little Brown Pen stopped by my blog the other day to check out my fledgling Oklahoma Color Project. She was very gracious. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Nichole’s book, The Paris Color project, which I first learned about from the travel and adventure blogger, Andi, was recently released. (By the way, Okies, please take note. Andi is hoping to visit here in the fall and her blog is very successful.)

Curating photos based on color is no small task, but I’m working on it. Here is a collection of Oklahoma subjects centered around the color green.

Here are a couple of color projects I’ve come across during my Internet travels.
Galerie Paris-Beijing’s Pink and Blue Project by JeengMee Yoon
I love the Color in Motion project by Claudia Cortés. It’s an interaction of color communication and color symbolism. Flash is required to view this and it takes a while to download, but it’s worth the wait.
Also, check out the TedActive Color Project on Facebook for a number of interesting links and discussions.
What color is new in your world this week?
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