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Favorite Famous Jennifers: Jennifer Lawrence

Famous Jennifers: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Famous Jennifers: Jennifer Lawrence

I’m behind on my project, The Jennifer Chronicles. I’m beating myself with a wet noodle even if nobody besides me has missed these entries.Today’s post is about Jennifer Lawrence, the only Jennifer I’m aware of who has been nominated for an Oscar this year. Here is a picture of her from 2005 when she was in the 8th grade. What a difference eight years can make, huh? Makes me wonder where we’ll all be eight years from now. Someplace very different, I think.

Anyway, Lawrence is on the very tail end of the Jennifer name wave. Her youth and talent ensure that a Jennifer will be starring in movies for many years beyond the prime of Generation X, the generation that carried the name to fame and familiarity.

Who are your favorite famous Jennifers?

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