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Street Photography: Pony Boy


Child's Wooden Horse

A wooden horse is tied to a fence for safe-keeping.

Don’t say no
Here we go
Off across the plains

Marry me
Carry me
Right away with you

Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, whoa!
 My Pony Boy

It’s always interesting when one generation discovers that a “new song” is not a new song at all, but instead, a remake from a previous generation. I first heard Pony Boy on Springsteen’s Human Touch album. It was years before I knew it was written by Bobby Heath in 1909.

This picture of a wooden pony tied to a fence was taken in Oklahoma City around NW 21st Street and west of Classen Boulevard. He’s been tied there for months and I don’t think they’re giving him any water. Sad.

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