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Oklahoma Tornado Mural

In the aftermath of the May 20, 2013, F5 tornado that killed 25 Oklahomans including seven children, a graffiti artist painted a tornado mural. It is located on an abandoned building on the outskirts of downtown Oklahoma City, SW 5th Street just west of Broadway. The entire thing was created using spray paint. A lot of spray paint.

Tornado Mural | Outskirts of Downtown Oklahoma City

Tornado Mural | Outskirts of Downtown Oklahoma City

I took Sullivan to see it during our Saturday morning donut ritual.

I was struck by how diminutive he looked standing next to the giant twister.

Carrying his favorite stuffed animal, Tiggy, he ran along the sidewalk.

As we headed toward the donut shop, which is aptly named DONUTS, Sully rolled down the windows. As we drove through a tree-lined neighborhood, the morning sun cut through the limbs. Shadows and light danced across his face and upon the crown of his hair.

I think a lot about the children who could not outrun the tornado on May 20.

I could not find a signature on the mural, so I have no clue who deserves the credit (or blame). I don’t know if it was commissioned or done by permission or if this os just the latest guerrilla street art to grace the streets of Oklahoma City.

What I love about it most is the colors, all of which are present in the best Oklahoma sunsets and the worst, most ominous Oklahoma tornadoes. Click here to see pictures I took of tornado damage.


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