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Check in the Lost and Found

Have You Seen Me? Check in the Lost and Found.

“…That’s part of the psychoanalytic process, that you are finding things that have been there all along, but were not available to awareness.” — Mark Gerald, New York Psychoanalyst

Missing in OKC Have You Seen Me

I’ve been passing signs of missing cats and lost dogs my entire life and not really thinking much about it. But, back in March, when I passed this sign at NW 23rd and Penn in Oklahoma City, a light came on in my head. I wondered, what if? 

What if everyone who lost something made a sign and nailed it to a light pole or duct-taped to a tree? Would it make any difference? Would it bring the lost thing home? What are the things that go missing in our lives anyway?

Missing in OKC Long hair Large Male Cat

So, I began thinking about the things I’ve lost. And, I wonder, what would happen if I made a sign? And, if I could make just one sign about one thing what would it be?

What would your thing be?

Lost and Found Pit bull Puppy

Lost and Found Pit bull Puppy

So, I’ve been thinking about doing a little experiment. I could send poster boards and duct tape to different people I know and ask them to post a sign of something they’ve lost or found. They could take a picture of it and email it to me. I could post them here.

Lost Cat Picture

Lost Cat Picture

These next signs represent terrible losses. I hope to God no one I love ever ends up with their picture nailed to a tree or taped to a light pole.

Missing Girl Poster

Missing Girl Poster: JaRay Wilson

If you’d like to participate, email me at jenx1967[at]gmail[dot]com. And, very soon, I’ll post a picture of my sign, and then you’ll know the one thing I’ve lost that I think about more than anything else.

Hit and Run Reward Sign

Hit and Run Reward Sign

Missing Girl Sign: Ambriana Tygard

Missing Girl Sign: Ambriana Tygard

If only we could check in the lost and found and find this boy and this girl.

Lost Dog Pet

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  1. Andi

    I want to play along, what a fun idea!

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