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Wheat Paste Graffiti of Native American, Scissortailed Flycatchers

Graffiti Wednesday

There’s a beautiful new wheat paste installation on the side of Raylyn Taylor Salon in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley. It’s by the artist Sam Douglas who I wrote about in May. He’s the guy who did the wheat paste on the Waste Management dumpster in the Paseo Arts District. You should click that link and read that post because it explains the positive force of Sam’s work with this type of graffiti.

Sam Douglas Wheat Paste Birds Indian

Wheat Paste Graffiti by Sam Douglas | Click to Enlarge

Wheat Paste Features Osage Seal

My favorite emails are the ones that tip me off about great graffiti around town. Of course, if I were James Maher doing street photography in New York and passing scenes like this from the Manhattan Bridge, I might not be so impressed with the relatively slim graffiti pickings around here. But, at any rate, someone told me about Sam’s work in an email and I couldn’t wait to get over and see it for myself. I was expecting another display on a dumpster, but instead, I found a wall-size exhibit of a Native American with the Osage Seal and three scissor-tailed flycatchers. Lucky wall.

Sam Douglas Wheat Paste

I don’t know if this installation was done with permission or not. The email didn’t say. But, I think it’s a great and harmless addition to a long, lonely brick wall.

Sam Douglas Wheat Paste Scissor tailed Flycatcher Indian

Sam Douglas Wheat Paste | Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Indian | Click to Enlarge

How To Get There

Raylyn Taylor Salon is located on NE 8th street between Oklahoma and Broadway. If you travel south on Broadway turn east on NW 8th Street. The salon is on the north side of the street right before you get to Oklahoma Avenue and the train tracks.

Raylyn Taylor Salon

Raylyn Taylor Salon | Oklahoma City | Click to Enlarge

Connect With The Artist

Website: Sam Douglas Art

Facebook: Sam Douglas Art on Facebook

Bonus Shots: Yarn Bombing in OKC

This street art yarn bomb is located just outside the salon. Fun place, eh?

Street Art Yarn Bomb Piano with Eyes

Raylyn Taylor Salon | Yarn Bombing in Oklahoma City | Click to Enlarge

If you have graffiti tips for me email me jenx1967[at]gmail[dot]com.

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