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Oklahoma Gazette Halloween Parade 2013

Halloween Parade

I recently purchased a Nikon D600. I used to shoot pictures at the Oklahoma Gazette’s Annual Halloween Parade. I love to take pictures. I’m very lucky to have such a great camera. Now, I get to pay for it. Yikes.

Indian Costume Halloween

Oklahoma Gazette Halloween Parade | OKC

I was never able to get very good shots after sunset with my Nikon D60, so I’m glad to finally get some new equipment. I’ve had the D60 since 2008. It’s been a great camera. I will miss you, Sugar Baby Nikon. I’m bequeathing it to my oldest daughter Juliette. She loves to take pictures, too.

Roller Derby Halloween

Roller Derby Super Hero | Halloween Parade

I always look forward to seeing the roller derby girls every year. They always make a great showing at the parade. This next guy I’m not too sure about.

What are you or the kiddies going to be for Halloween this year?


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