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Text in the Time of Elizabeth Wurtzel

There are three or four sentences and 50 distinct ideas in every paragraph Elizabeth Wurtzel writes in her latest piece on the lamest generation for The Daily Beast. Oh, to be so brilliant. Oh, to write things like, “Everything is all up the down escalator.” Writers will always be my favorite people.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Elizabeth Wurtzel Excerpt:

“I blame the Internet, for everything really, most especially for the coarseness like sea salt that has taken over. But because of the World Wide Web, there is too much content and not enough filter, and the value of talent has been decimated.”

If there were five people I could have dinner with, Wurtzel would be one of them. I read her book Prozac Nation so many years ago, and although I don’t think she has ever appeared in this blog until today (how could that be?) she has lurked in the shadows of every substantial post I’ve ever written about Generation X.

Elizabeth Wurtzel was born in 1967, exactly two months before me. It seems like I should have met her by now, which is something ridiculous every unknown blogger says about their famous contemporaries. But, read this. She is so special:

“One person’s purple is someone else’s violet is someone else’s indigo is someone else’s blue. I have been engaged in telling the truth about my life for most of my life now, and I believe everything I say. The events I describe are precisely as I remember them, and as anyone else who was there recalls. And still, I know: There are other versions.”

Are you a fan of Elizabeth Wurtzel?

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