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Stuff My Kids Got For Christmas 2013

open presents

Christmas 2013: Let’s Open Presents!

We had a great Christmas 2013! The kids all got pretty much what they asked for so they were happy! Of course, as a guilt-ridden mother, it didn’t matter how much money I spent or how many packages I wrapped or how many stores I went to find the right thing. I was tormented on Christmas Eve as once again I did not buy the Super Bridgy an Elf on the Shelf. We also went ANOTHER Christmas without a star on the tree. What’s wrong with me? For about five years now I can’t remember to buy a star.

I thought I’d pass along a few of the bigger hits with the kids. First and foremost, they were all super excited to get Instax cameras. They’re like modern-day Polaroids. We got them enough film to last a year and also bought each of them a case. It made me happy to buy them each something they could enjoy together. Sullivan burned through 20 sheets of film taking pictures of my leg, but hey – he had fun and that’s what counts!

Bridgy Juey Twins glasses

My Twins

Juliette composed this shot, I just snapped the picture. Pretty cute, huh?

It was great having the kids out of school for several days in a row, especially Juliette. The school she attends has a really demanding curriculum and she spends almost all her free time studying. It was great that she could just enjoy some downtime without homework. I cannot believe she is nearly halfway through high school. Someone, please pass me a gigantic box of tissues. The next two-and-a-half years are going to blow by us like a meteor.

Childrens Puppet Theater

Puppet Time!

We got all three of the kids Muppet Puppets from FAO Schwarz, but the Super Bridgy also got some hand puppets and a puppet theater from Santa Claus. After two days of acting out scenes with puppets, she ditched them and now just stars in the shows herself. She called us all into her room the other day and said, “I’ll be the one doing the talking.”

Wild Kratt Helmet

Finally, Sullivan got a Wild Kratts hoodie. Despite the PBS show’s popularity, there is very little Wild Kratts merchandise available. I was lucky to find this on Amazon. It was pricey, but worth it since it now doubles as a jacket and this kid will not wear a coat.

creature power Wild Kratts Hoodie

Sully loves his creature power Wild Kratts hoodie.

What will you remember about Christmas 2013?

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