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Left Behind Little Sister

It’s no fun being the little sister who gets left behind. As the youngest kid in a big family, I know exactly how she felt.

A couple weeks ago my husband Robert scored a couple of OU tickets. He was planning on taking our oldest daughter, Juliette, but unfortunately, she had to work. So, he decided to take Sullivan. That meant Bridgy had to stay behind without her best brother and playmate.

Left Behind

Cali Rae Turner said, “The best part about having a sister is that I always had a friend.”

Sully handled the situation like a pro. He taught us all a lesson in how not to gloat like a pig when others get left behind. First, you give your little sister a sweet hug and kiss on the head and tell her you love her and you’ll bring her back a Lalaloopsy or Wild Kratts surprise. Next, you’re completely magnanimous at the moment. Sullivan genuinely felt Bridgette’s disappointment. There were tears in his eyes. It broke his heart to leave behind his little buddy.

A little sister is a little bit of childhood that never be lost. –Proverb

You’re awesome, Sully!

Football is so big in Oklahoma, and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never been to an OU game. I even went to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma, but it never even occurred to me to get tickets or go to a game. Something tells me, this little crew is going to see their fair share of OU football games. Next time, nobody is getting left behind!

Please do not publish pictures of my children without my permission. Contact me at jenx67[at]cox[dot]net.

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  1. Alan Bates

    Your son is awesome. That doesn’t surprise me though.


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