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She asked me why hasn’t there been a woman president yet. This is what I told her.

Daisy Girl Scout

Here’s sweet Bridgy in her Daisy Girl Scout smock. I haven’t sewed her Daisy petals on yet, which has led to loads of mother guilt. She has her bridging ceremony from Daisies to Brownies in a few weeks, so I better get busy. By the way, she lost a tooth yesterday. I think this means my baby is not a baby anymore. Back off and let me cry alone, people.

Daisy petals

My kids ask me the best questions when I’m driving with them alone in the car or when I tuck them into bed at night. I look forward to these conversations very much. A few months ago Bridgy told me she wanted to be governor when she grew up. I said, “That’s wonderful! We have a woman governor now.” She got a cross look on her face and said, “I wanted to be the first!”

Why There Hasn’t Been A Woman President

A few nights ago, I tucked her into bed and she asked, “Why hasn’t there been a woman president yet?” I tapped her on the nose and said, “Because you haven’t grown up yet.”

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