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12 Future Jobs For Generation Z

Last month, 650 of the world’s smartest young people met in London to discuss Generation Z and the future workplace. The group is called The Smarties. They’re all graduate and undergraduate students — MBAs, doctors, geneticists and nanoscientists. Please Note: No creatives such as writers, artists, designers and musicians  were listed among the elite bunch so review the following information with skepticism. Ha!

The Smarties (not the candy) identified the following 12 jobs of the future for Generation Z.

Generation Z jobs 12

Metabolic Engineer

Generation Z jobs 11

Study Strategy Consultant

Generation Z jobs 10

Crowd Sourced History Curator

Generation Z jobs 9

Genetic Dating Consultant

Generation Z jobs 8

Pet Geneticist

Generation Z jobs 7

Sustenance Producer

Generation Z jobs 6

Bionic Connections Expert

Generation Z jobs 5

Gut Floralist

Generation Z jobs 4

Mental Image Retriever

Generation Z jobs 3

Operating System Counsellor

Generation Z jobs 2

Society Game Changer

Generation Z jobs 1

Artificial Organ Designer

Speaking of innovation and Generation Z, have you heard about the hot new candy by LEAF? It’s called Farts®. Nice…

farts candy now released

On Wednesday, it won the Most Innovative Product Award at the National Sweets and Snacks Show in Chicago. And, we thought Generation X  was pushing the envelope with Pop Rocks and Garbage Pail Kids.

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