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Local Swap Meet

1950s Vintage Antique Indian Doll

1950s Vintage Indian Doll

Oklahoma City Swap Meet

On Saturday morning, I took my kids to the local swap meet. They are up early every day, which really wears on my husband Robert. He rarely gets a chance to sleep in, so this was a good way to get everyone out of the house for a while and let him rest. He burns the candle at both ends, so I was glad to do it.

I always think of Mary’s Swap Meet as less of a swap meet and more for the great flea market finds. We made some fun discoveries and I gave the kids a lesson in bartering. One of the sellers wanted $2 for the Indian doll (above) and $5 for the nun doll (below).

1950s Antique Catholic Nun Doll

1950s Antique Catholic Nun Doll

I tried to get them both for $5, which mortified my son Sullivan. He acted like I was trying to steal from the woman. Ha! I ended up paying the $7. A lady walked up to me and said, “Don’t act so excited and they’ll be more likely to barter.”

It’s very hard not to act excited with kids around.

Flea Market Finds

Mary’s is one of the best flea market’s in the Heartland. It’s located in Spencer, Oklahoma which is about 1 mile east of the easternmost edge of Oklahoma City. Here are some scenes from our trip.

Catholic Nun Doll from the 1950s wearing a Rosary.

I really love this doll, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with her now.

Rabbits Flea Market

Rabbit For Sale

The kids love to look at all the animals for sale. This usually produces hours of begging for baby chicks, rabbits, and chickens. By the way, this business of not letting people in Oklahoma City have chickens is getting old…

Roosters For Sale Flea market

Roosters For Sale

Fresh Flea Market Eggs

Fresh Flea Market Eggs

I shouldn’t be such a chicken (ha!) but, I wouldn’t buy eggs to eat at a flea market. I grew up eating a lot of brown eggs. A lot of our church members lived on farms and gave them to my dad.

vintage glassware

old hammers flea market

Hammers For Sale

There are always tables and tables full of old tools at Mary’s. Sullivan bought a tiny wrench. =)

Oklahoma Life Flea Market

Life in the Heartland

motor oil at the flea market

Painted Cow Skull

He shot the gun into the ground while I was standing there. The little girl said, “Did you just shoot that?” She was adorable and knew how to play the guitar.

military ribbons for sale

Military Ribbon For Sale

I don’t think it’s legal to sell military ribbons. I think you can only trade them, but I bet you can find a lot for sale at flea markets.

Jesus Statue at the Flea Market

Jesus Statue at the Flea Market

What’s been your best swap meet or flea market find?

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