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Summer 1979 | What do you remember?

Summer 1979

Summer 1979 via Kristie Fox on Flickr

When you think of Summer 1979, what do you remember?


Have a listen to 1979 from This Marvelous Grief by Besides Daniel.

You would make your living
on the stilts of yellow pine
in the daylight drinking
summer 1979

was it summer loving?
2 kids with twinkles in their eyes
did you believe in magic?
soon you’d hear your babies cry

You told us of a light in your room
could you feel us breathing inside you
cuz we were breathing inside you

the 80s rushed you forward
with kids to occupy your time
on yates avenue
dust and dirt whiskey and wine

mother had a dream and
it changed the course our life would take
she was bussing tables
counting change that she would make

Hold on to those photographs
you and your sister laugh
smile as your looking back
Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney
Billy joel and Queen
They mix with memories

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1 Comment

  1. Brett

    Heh — I remember figuring high school was going to be great (compared with jr hi) and “My Sharona” all over the radio.


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