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1970s Summer + More Gen-X News Links

Here’s a round-up of some of the best Generation X blog and micro-blog posts I’ve come across in recent days. I’ve interspersed them with some great vintage summer camp pictures I found here and there. Enjoy!

Pop Up Camping Trailer

Summer Camping In A Pop Up | Imaginary Analog

1970s Summer

10 Ways To Give Your Kid A 1970s Kind of Summer from super famous blogger Scary Mommy. This is a very fun look back on what it meant to be a Gen-Xer during the 1970s. I don’t know how you spent your summers, but I spent mine watching TV all day long. At some point, I jumped on my bike and headed to the city pool. At some point, I came home, probably around the time Love Boat was coming on TV. Today, my own children are mired in “planned activities” and playdates. They hear me say things like, “Get off the iPad or your brain will turn to mush!”

Summer Camp 1961

Summer Camp 1961 | via Larry Fiehn on Flickr

Cold War Nostalgia

Cold War Kids is a post on a blog called 99% Invisible. It’s actually “a tiny radio show about design, architecture the 99 percent of invisible activity that shapes our world.” The post highlights a New Mexico public school that was constructed below ground during the Cold War. It is utterly fascinating so hop over and have a peek. The facility included decontamination showers. (Hat tip to “Laura S. for the link.)

UNASSIGNED READING: JenX posts tagged Cold War.

A Journalist’s Toy Printer Press

This is so very cool. My friend Steve Lackmeyer who is a prolific news journalist, blogger, and author, tweeted a picture of his toy printer press and first news story! I’m half way between in love with these tweets and jealous this novelty belongs to him and not me.

Midlife Mixtape

Today, on Midlife Mixtape, Nancy Davis Kho writes about being a kid during our nation’s Bicentennial. I lived through the exact same experience Nancy had — the bonnets, the long dresses, the singing “You’re A Grand Old Flag” in the school choir. She ends this post with Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball. I’m thinking a lot about this song right now because nobody could save this treasure.

Jenny From the Blog

I’ve been following Jenny From the Blog for quite a while now. Check out her fun summertime post, Gen-Xers – You Probably Went To Summer Camp If …

1980 VW Rabbit

1980 VW Rabbit | Camping via Bagish on Flickr

Misadventures With Andi

I always like to give a shout-out to the most fantabulous blogger I’ll ever know Misadventures With Andi. If you want a travel blog from a Gen-Xer who has been all over the world look no further. Andi is a very successful blogger for reason. Her site is full of great posts about France, San Francisco, Japan and most recently Hawaii. There are great photos and interviews, too.

Friar’s Fires

I’ve been reading this Oklahoma pastor’s blog forever. He always has a bunch of great, short posts to read. This one about dinosaurs was particularly entertaining. Rawr.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Nancy Davis Kho

    Thank you so much for sharing my piece, Jen – I appreciate it! And am relieved I was not the only one who spent all of ’76 dressed like Martha Washington. I had an actual *wardrobe* of “old-fashioned” clothes, so numerous were my patriotic dress up opportunities. You?

    Hope you have a happy 4th!

  2. Brett

    Thank you very much, but now I’m going to have to junk my four-part series “Why I Won’t Miss the Stage Center and Why the Gold Dome Should Be Next.”

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