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Picture of the Day: Stuffed Animal Hospital

The other day Bridgy told me to come into her room quickly. All the animals were sick!

Stuffed Animal Hospital


She created a  hospital on her bed for some of her stuffed animals. She dressed these two in white shirts and made hats for them with red crosses. I have no idea how she knew to do this. She did not say what war the stuffed animals were fighting.

Stuffed animal broken arm

This one had a broken arm. Good thing he started off life as an angel with a gold lamé halo.

Stuffed Animal Head Injury

This teddy bear is one of my all-time favorite presents. My former boss Marsha gave this to me when I was pregnant with Bridgette! It’s a musical bear from Harrod’s in London. Unfortunately, he’s sustained a head injury.

Stuffed animal ear problem

Finally, this guy is in the worst shape of all. He’s got a major problem with his ear. We need to discuss a treatment plan with somebody.

NOTE: Ahhh, Super Bridgy — You make my life so special. Thanks for the tour of your terrific stuffed animal hospital for injured teddy bears. You have the power inside you to bring healing to your world, Doll. I know this because your smile heals me every day. Love, Mommy

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