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Turtle Tuesday: Very Hungry Caterpillar Clothespin

It’s Turtle Tuesday! Time to talk about motherhood and children. Yea! So, what’s your super human trick? Mine is making magic with colorful fluff balls and clothespins.

Hungry Caterpillar clothespin

Hungry Caterpillar Clothespin

Now, if I could just figure out how to make the entire cast of characters from Harry Potter out of pipe cleaners my kids would really think I knew magic.

What your favorite craft activity to do with kids?

Update: Clothespin Rapunzel

Here’s another little lovely creation I made for the Super Bridgy. When I posted it this picture to Instagram someone suggested I should name her Rapunzel!

I can be crafty, people. The hair is the funnest part. I just looped thread from an old skein around a small box about 50 times. Then I cut it and tied it in the center with another piece of thread. I attached it with hot glue. Hot glue is your best friend, crafters. Just be careful not to let it burn a permanent scar on the tip of your index finger. Ha!

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