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What Do You Want To Say?

Here is an excerpt from a poem by Natalie Goldberg called I Want To Say. It’s from Top of My Lungs, © The Overlook Press.

Before I’m lost to time and the midwest
I want to say I was here
I loved the half light all winter
I want you to know before I leave
that I liked the towns living along the back of the Mississippi
I loved the large heron filling the sky
the slender white egret at the edge of the shore
I came to love my life here
fell in love with the color grey
the unending turn of seasons…

Read the rest of it on The Writer’s Almanac.

What do you want to say?


Best of Flickr Moment

I love to scour Flickr for awesome stuff. Old Flickr is full of wonderful content. I look for extended cutlines that tell stories. Sometimes, it’s just a thought or an idea. Old Flickr is represented by early adopters of photo-sharing. Over the years, a rich, social network developed, but it wasn’t social networky in a smarmy, pitchy kind of way. I still don’t care for the New Flickr, but Old Flickr is still there. You just have to dig deeper to find it, and the page load is painfully slow now.

Japan 1972

Japan 1972

Looking towards Gojo bridge one evening in early July 1972. Being on a trip alone can be a very lonely experience, and I can recall leaving my room at the Ryokan Yuhara nearby, and just wandering the streets of Kyoto, not really knowing what else to do that evening.



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