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Latest Find: St. Therese Painting for Juliette’s Room

juey room 2

This is my daughter Juliette’s room. We’ve been working on it for quite awhile. It’s hard to believe she is 17 now, and before long she will not be sleeping in this bed anymore. She’ll be off to a world of adventure at college. Wow!!

The picture that now hangs above her bed is an oil painting of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. It hung in the school she attended from the time she was four until the end of 4th grade — Villa Teresa School. The school closed in 2012 after almost 80 years. It was sad for all of us. The convent for the Carmelite Sisters also closed. The nuns moved to a new home in northwest Oklahoma City.

A few weeks ago, the sisters finally hosted a big estate sale. I got up early that Saturday morning hoping to buy the painting. I’d seen it featured on the auction site advertising the sale. I was about the 130th person in line that day and heart broken that I hadn’t arrived earlier. Only 100 people were allowed in at a time and I had to wait for 30 people to shop and leave before I could go inside. I was certain the painting would be gone, but it wasn’t!! I could not help but cry, as I was certain this painting was meant for my daughter, my firstborn, my Juliette! So, we purchased it for her and I was going to give it to her for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait. I gave it to her two days later. From the moment I brought this painting into the house, I have felt the presence of this saint; a sweetness I can’t describe. She is watching over my girl and always will.


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