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The Jesus Feminist: Sarah Bessey

In general terms, a feminist is an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women. Unfortunately, the term has become a lightning rod for staunch conservatives who see it as synonymous with pro-choice or abortion rights. But, many pro-lifers including yours truly, are advocates for the rights and equality of women and girls.

Jesus Feminist Sarah BesseySarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey who lives in the “free, fresh and wild air” on the western coast of Canada wrote a little yellow book called the Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women. It’s a provocative title for a book Bessey says “is not really a book about Christian feminist theory,” but instead “about the Kingdom of God, and what life looks like when you live into the ‘other side’ of so many of our missing-the-point gender debates in the Church.”


The Jesus Feminist

Bessey describes herself as “a liberal to the conservative and conservative to the liberal.” For certain, life can be lonely for the pro-lifer with a hard bend toward social justice; big belief in big government, and even bigger belief in God.



Jesus Feminist




What do you think of when you hear the term Jesus Feminist? This book is on my 2015 Read List. What’s on yours?

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  1. Stephanie

    Ooooooohhh, adding this to my list. Looks like this is right up my alley and that I can identify w/ this author. “a liberal to the conservative and conservative to the liberal.” love


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