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Rare Polaroid Pictures from 1975

Hey, won’t you play another
Somebody done somebody wrong song
And make me feel at home
While I miss my baby? While I miss my baby…
–From B.J. Thomas. Top 100 Hit of 1975

The following Polaroid photos were taken in Remy, New York on August 10, 1975. The source is Richie59 on Flickr.
Most of the Polaroid pictures I come across on Flickr are pretty crummy, which makes these a very nice find. They capture the essence of pre-teen Gen-Xers in the mid 1970s.

Polaroids 1975

These girls are sporting some attitude, no? They look like the makings of an 80s girl band.


Ten bucks goes to the first person who can explain this T-shirt to me. SUPERZUU with a gorilla. Never heard of it.

???????????????????Ahh, so young and beautiful and full of sass. All these girls are over 50 now. Damn, it goes fast. Very, very fast.

Look for more rare Polaroid pictures on my blog throughout 2015.

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  1. Sherry

    I have 1974 old Polaroid pics that were put in the hard backs that came with the film and now the edges are peeling up. Do you know if you can cut the white border off to use the photo in a scrapbook? I can’t pull the pic off the back the rest is glued down too much. Thanks.

    • Sherry

      Misspelled email

    • Jennifer

      I have tried cutting them off and don’t recommend it. The film separates and you can lose the entire picture. =( Maybe preserve with non-acid plastic sleeve?

    • Chris J.

      Pleeeeease don’t destroy old photos for scrapbooking. You can get really high quality copies made even on just a simple all-in-one printer. You can even resize them if the photos are too small. Just be sure to use the appropriate paper and settings and you’ll be happy to have a big scrapbook AND a box full of originals.

    • Jennifer

      Fascinating. Thanks for hunting that down and sharing it!


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