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A Place To Pray

Prayer Garden and Grotto Oklahoma City

I pray here, there and everywhere. I pray in bed staring up at the ceiling. I pray at 2 a.m., looking at the blue numbers on the digital clock. I pray in the carpool lane, especially on rainy days. Tears on my windshield washing it clean away. The cobwebs, the disappointments, the fears.

Thank God for rain.

I like to go to this grotto and pray. I go there when the sky is blue and when it rains and when it snows. I go at sunset and sunrise and at lunchtime. I go alone and I never see anybody, but there are always candles burning so I know someone has come and gone.

Do they see me coming? He sees me coming, seeking Him. It’s my favorite place to pray.

grotto with religious icons Hand stone Grotto Oklahoma City RischardGrotto Prayer GardenReligious Candle GrottoReligious Icons Mary Jesus GrottoMary Icon Grotto

The grotto includes a prayer garden and 12 of the 14 Stations of the Cross. It is the perfect place to pray during Holy Week or any week. To meditate upon the Via Dolorosa — The Way of Suffering.

Grotto Stations of the CrossJesus Condemned to Death Station 1

Stations of the Cross Jesus carrying crossGrotto at Mount St Mary Catholic High School Oklahoma City Fourth station of the cross Jesus meets his mother Stations of the Cross Third Jesus Falls the first timeFifth Station of the Cross Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Veronic Sixth 6 Station of the Cross Grotto

Station of the Cross 7 Jesus falls the second timeJesus 8th station of the cross9th station of the cross grotto

10th station of the cross

11th station of the cross

Jesus Stations of the Cross

12th stationJesus laid in the sepulchre 12th station of the cross

The grotto and garden are located just west of the circle drive at Mount St. Mary High School. It’s at the end of SW 27th Street (going east) where Shartel Avenue curves in a half circle. If you live in Oklahoma City and you’re a person of faith, you should visit it sometime. Nobody will be there to bother you, and although the school is located on private property there are no gates to keep you out of the garden.

I like to go at sunset, especially on the weekends. I stop at the grocery store on my way and get one of the cheap candles in the tall glass canisters. They feature pictures of Jesus and Mary, and sometimes, disciples. Don’t forget to take some matches. Light your candle and say a prayer for the troubled hearts of the world. Don’t blow it out when you leave. Let it keep on burning like a prayer that keeps going up to heaven.

Every time I go, I always find a candle burning. It means so much, and I feel the presence of the people who were there before. I think of them while I’m there and I pray that all their prayers are answered, too, in accordance with God’s will.

If you need a special place to pray this Easter, visit this grotto, visit the stations of the cross, the way of suffering.

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