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Fun and Nostalgic Easter Pictures From the 1960s, 1970s

I’ve gathered some funny Easter pictures recently posted to Twitter. They include an awesome picture of a vintage baby stroller from 1963,  and some terrific Easter fashions. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. Happy Easter! Also, please check out my related post, Scary Easter Bunnies for more great vintage Easter pictures.


I love to source pictures from the Gen X childhood. A few years ago, I posted a bunch of funny Easter bunny pictures. It’s relatively easy to find pictures from the 1960s of families going to church on Easter, but as the years rock on through the Gen X childhood, they become harder and harder to find. Statistics would bear this out. Church attendance, even on the “high holy days”, declined significantly during the 1970s and 80s, and continues to decline today.

What do you remember about Easter when  you were a kid?

Photos posted with the Creative Commons License

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  1. Louise H

    We would hunt for our Easter baskets all over the house. Then get dressed for church with the mandatory Easter hat and white gloves. I loved that holiday.

    • Jennifer

      Me, too, Louise. Even I, as an older Gen-Xer, remember wearing gloves to church. I’m resisting this casual world we’ve fallen into.

  2. Alan

    These look like everybody’s family pics from that era. I was never a fan of Easter. Wearing uncomfortable clothes, overcrowded churches, and I never really did understand the Easter Bunny thing.

    You and your beautiful family have a great Easter!


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