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Generation X: Confounded by the Granny Hair Trend, Coke In A Green Can and Life On Credit Cards. (It’s Another Blue Plate Special.)

It’s time for another round of Gen X headlines, blog posts, tweets and poetry. Except no poetry. Nobody ever writes any poems about Generation X.

Around here, we call this regular series the Blue Plate Special, but since we’re approaching rolling black out season in America, let’s think of this post as more like a little picnic. It’s too hot to cook, so just cop a squat in some shade while you single-finger scroll this post and all its realities. Somehow, we’ll survive these hottest days of the year together.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Credit Cards

Today, USA Today, has Gen X on the front cover. Totally big time, ya’ll. And, of course, it’s a depressing story about how too many of us use credit cards to a fault. Nearly 50 percent of us don’t pay the balances off at the end of the month. I venture to say, most Gen-Xers are making minimum payments, which means when we die in our 70s, we’re going to still owe Amazon $5,000 for all those Christmas presents we bought our kids in 2012.

Reminds me of the time I refinanced my student loans — for 20 years — after paying on them for 10.
usa today gen x story

Young People Looking Old, Old People Looking Young

So, by now, you’ve probably heard of the Granny hair trend. It’s completely weird and stunning.

granny hair trend


But, what really freaks me out is reading Facebook updates about hair dye from one of my favorite writers, Amy Tan. I could not have imagined when I was reading The Joy Luck Club in graduate school in the early 1990s that one day this amazing member of the literati would be in my Facebook feed talking about her lavender hair. I love you, Amy!

Amy Tan

Amy Tan, July 2015


Basically, we’re living in a time when old people look young and young people look old. What the heck?

Speaking of looking young, the beautiful Debbie Harry celebrated her 70th birthday last week. Happy Birthday, Blondie. 

30 Years Ago This Week

Coke in a green canOn July 10, 1985, Coca-Cola announced they would stop selling New Coke — that stuff up top in the red can. The scandal was right up there with the Iran Contra Affair during which the Reagan Administration sold weapons to Iran in exchange for U.S. hostages held in Lebanon by pro-Iranian terrorist groups.

Some 30 years later, we’re now fighting alongside Iran in Iraq, but against them in Yemen. (See TIME, March 26, 2015.) And, we have a new, new Coke. Coke in a green can!. Asparagus green, mind you and sweetened with Stevia and sugar cane. Coca-Cola Life started appearing in stores last summer, but didn’t make it to my grocer until around the first of the year. Tastes a little weird, guys — like it’s sweetened with sugar cane and Stevia, or something. Ha! But, I totally dig the green can.

Helicopter Parents Spin Their College Kids Into Depression

What a heartbreaking commentary on the parenting hopes of Generation X. A new study reveals that academically overbearing parents are spinning their college-aged children to depression. In a survey of 100,000 students, 60 percent felt sad, 57 percent felt lonely and 8 percent considered suicide. Read more on

Comic Relief

Here’s a little comic relief for your Tuesday. Generation X’s first iPhone Eye Phone. Bwaaaaah!

Generation X First Eye Phone

That’s all for now, friends.

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