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Study Reveals American Dream For Housing and Homeownership


Trulia, an online residential real estate site, surveyed more than 2,000 people back in May about their dreams and aspirations for home ownership. Some of the results were communicated in the following graphics, which I thought were way too pretty not to swipe and share.


Be sure to check out the entire article on the subject, America’s Dream Home: Midsized, Suburban and Modern. It was written by the company’s chief economist, Selma Hepp, Ph.D, urban and regional planning.


To be honest, home ownership feels like such a scam. It’s a depressing and fatalistic thought, but eventually everyone downsizes into smaller plots: The retirement home, the nursing home, the graveyard. (I warned you, fatalistic.) The thing is, mortgages (veiled as home ownership) has owned me most of my adult life. Now, I just want a gap year in Ireland – the one I didn’t get 26 years ago when I graduated college.

Hello, we didn’t call them gap years then.


American Dream For Housing | 33 Percent want the unique “other”

But, yes, I want to abandon home ownership and rent for the rest of my life. I never want to fix another sewer main, shower pan, leaking roof or  central heat and air unit again as long as I live. That’s my new American dream! To be mortgage free and have a gap year in Europe at the age of 47. It’s probably going to happen because I’m starting to get old and not care about all the stuff I should have never cared about to begin with. Like houses.

American-Dream-Home_HomeSize American-Dream-Home_GeoLocation American-Dream-Home_Amenities

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