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First Communion Photos From the 1960s, 70s, 80s

Old First Communion Photos: 1960s-1980s

Check out this small collection of old First Communion photos of young Generation X Catholics. They were taken between 1960s and 1980s. Several of the images have old cars in the background, which I always find interesting. 

Jennifer's First Communion
Jennifer and the Wood Panel Station Wagon


A different Jennifer (not me) and the Wood Panel Ford Station Wagon


St. Ambrose Catholic Church, First Communion, 1976


St. Ambrose Catholic Church, First Communion, 1976 |  via jeneen_johnston on Flickr


Pacos First Communion 1976


Paco Gonzales proudly shared his First Communion class photo with the Facebook community. The photo was taken in 1976 at St Joseph Church, Edinburg, Texas. The church is in the Brownsville Diocese, which was established nine years before this picture was taken. (In 1965, it was created after Cameron, Willacy, Hidalgo and Starr Counties were separated from the territory of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.)  There are so many things I love about this photo. The boys’ white jackets, white shoes and leisure suits. All the pretty veils and crows. Did you spot the twins in the picture? I also love the priest’s biretta.


First Communion, 1970s


First Communion, 1970s


First Communion Hacienda Heights California 1970s


St John Vianney. Hacienda Heights, California, 1969


St John Vianney Hacienda Heights 1969
First Communion Dorchester Days


First Communion | Source: Dorchester Days by Eugene Richards


Susan's First Communion


Susan’s First Communion


1973 First Communion


Susan’s First Communion, 1973


First Communion, 1979


First Communion, 1979


St. Raymond's East Side Catholic Church, 1980


St. Raymond’s East Side Catholic Church, 1980


Jo's First Communion, 1981


Jo’s First Communion, 1981


Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church First Communion 1980s


Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church First Communion 1980s

Vintage First Communion Class 1982

Assumption B.V.M. Church, 1982

via J. Boyer w/ Creative Commons License 


First Communion, Irish Girls, Early 1980s


This picture, however, is of Irish Gen-X girls and is from a documentary about First Communion dresses. Source: RTE Archives.


Annalisa's First Communion 1980


Annalisa’s First Communion 1980 


Annalisa's First Communion 1980
Vintage First Communion 1982


First Communion, Boy and Girl, 1982


First Communion Posts

The following are posts I’ve shared that relate to First Communion including pictures of my younger two children getting ready for and celebrating the important occasion. 


A Daughter’s First Communion

It's a joy to share with you pictures of our daughter Bridgette's First Communion. It was one of the best days of my life as we celebrated her receiving the wine and the bread and the gift of everlasting life. In keeping with tradition, the first grade moms at...

Nhan’s Tailor Shop in the Asian District

The first time I went to Nhan's Tailor Shop was in 1999. I was working as Director of Public Relations for the Oklahoma Arts Council at the time and I was killing time during my lunch hour. I was looking for a cheongsam for Juliette. I'd bought one at Dillard's and I...

The Blood of Jesus Grape Juice

The following post was written shortly before I converted to Catholicism. Older Gen Xers at their First Communion, 1970 St. Joe's Orphanage, Louisville, Kentucky photo from st. joe's kid via flickr Little Girl's Wedding Dress I have a confession to make. When I was a...

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