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Full of Grace Film Tells Gospel Story From Mary’s Point of View

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Best Feature Nominee At The International Catholic Film Festival, Riveting Drama Explores The Final Earthly Hours Of Mary Of Nazareth’s Life

With spellbinding performances and sweeping landscapes, the faith-based drama FULL OF GRACE recounts the life of the Mother of Jesus, a decade after the resurrection of Christ. From Outside da Box, a not-for-profit film ministry, the mesmerizing drama, nominated for Best Feature at the International Catholic Film Festival, will arrive on DVD and Digital HD January 5 from Cinedigm .

Recipient of the Faith Friendly Seal for all ages by The Dove Foundation, the artfully made Biblical epic unfolds the Gospel through a mother’s point of view. Written and directed by Andrew Hyatt (The Last Light), FULL OF GRACE is an exciting reconstruction of the lives of Peter and the early Christians after the resurrection.

After immaculately conceiving the Son of God, fleeing into Egypt, losing him in the temple, and seeing him placed upon the cross, FULL OF GRACE follows The Virgin Mary (Bahia Haifi) as she lives her final earthly days pondering her life with Jesus Christ. Set ten years after the resurrection, Mary and her maidservant Zara (Kelsey Chow), eagerly await the return of the apostle Peter (Noam Jenkins), who arrives at Mary’s home after years of traveling, preaching and narrowly escaping death. Peter expresses the overwhelming responsibility of preaching the word amidst heresies and conflict. Providing the encouragement that only a mother can, Peter re-discovers the truth: he is not leading, he is following and walking in the light of God.

Garnering resounding acclaim from faith-based leaders across denominations, the producers had a private audience with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and support from the Bishop of Tucson to evangelical pastors in Los Angeles. The drama has also enraptured audiences at screenings in Illinois, Ohio, New York and Florida and the 2015 Napa Institute Conference, while also receiving a standing ovation at the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Tucson.

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