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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The march through another holiday season has begun with costumes and trick-or-treating! It is so good to be alive. To enjoy pumpkins and children. Costumes and candy and friends.

My son Sullivan loves animals and is very imaginative. This year he wanted to be a hummingbird. I did my best, but he looked more like a Lorikeet and most of the kids thought he was a peacock.

Hummingbird Costume

Hummingbird Costume

Bridgy wanted a costume that looked like Kip, the Topper Dawn Doll majorette. My mom bought me the doll a few years ago. Bridgy started taking twirling lessons this year and decided she wanted to look like Kip!

Majorette Costume

Majorette Costume

How To Make A Hummingbird Costume

I had so much fun making these costumes! The hummingbird was a pair of sweats and a long-sleeve gray T-shirt. I cut a bunch of “feathers” out of different colors of felt and hot glued them. His wings were made from a big piece of cardboard I spray painted silver. We covered it with felt feathers, too. I ordered a mask off of eBay and spray painted it silver and covered it with metallic feathers. Sullivan helped me a lot with the wings. I was proud of him for jumping in and making it his own.

How To Make A Majorette Costume

Bridgy’s costume is from a 1950s majorette pattern I found on Etsy. It was very easy to make, except for the part where I couldn’t get the sewing machine to work. I’d already promised Bridgy I’d make it so I was stuck hand-sewing the entire thing. THE ENTIRE THING. Lining and all. It was super fun using clear thread to sew the sequin trim to the front. I nearly went blind trying to thread all those needles. My eyes really hate getting old, y’all. As for her hat, I couldn’t be prouder of that darn thing as I made it without a pattern! I used a metallic poster board to make a cylinder. I cut a circle with tabs and then folded the tabs on the inside of the cylinder and glued them. I dug the pom-pom out of the toy box and broke it apart to make her majorette plume. The heavy sequin trim gave the flimsy thing some weight.

Juliette, who in her last year of high school, went as a vampire this year. A very pretty vampire I might add. She looked fabulous. I will try to post a picture of that later.


Halloween always marks the beginning of the big holiday season. Major changes are afoot in our family and I am just trying to brace for it all and take things a day at a time. I hold on to the days, to all the things around me that I love like the big tree in the front yard under which all three of my children have played for so many years. How long will she be mine — this tree that Sully once said spoke to him. “God inside the tree speaks to me,” he said.


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