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AARP Welcomes Generation X

AARP has officially welcomed Generation X with a lovely set of colorful and informative infographics. I posted one last week. Here’s the rest.

Generation X and Technology

This infographic highlights Gen X’s penchant for technology. A whopping 71 percent of us are Facebook and 74 percent of us own smart phones.

Gen X Technology


Generation X and Travel

No surprises in this infographic on the travel habits of Gen-Xers. More than half of us have kids and travel with them and 81 percent want more time to spend with their families. In our free time we like to go out to eat (81 percent) and 62 percent like to watch movies.

Gen X travel

Generation X and Finances

I read an article recently about Generation X taking over the workforce. This is the opposite of everything we’ve been told was going to happen. Marketers and Human Resource personnel have frequently written about Millennials leap-frogging Xers in the workplace when Boomers retire, but that isn’t happening. Things are following a normal trajectory with Xers assuming leadership positions. Dovetailing this was some oether happy news recently about Generation X and money — if you can believe the study. All of this seems to support a relatively high median income for Gen X as featured in the following infographic: $70,501. Nevertheless, more than 50 percent of us are overwhelmed with financial burdens, to which I say, “Only 56 percent?” I would like to be in the 44 percent not overwhelmed. That group must include those Xers who don’t have to worry about the skyrocketing cost of college tuition.


gen x finance 1

Generation X and Health

Despite the sobering story of obesity and Generation X as told in the documentary DIET, 87 percent of Gen Xers feel they are in at least good health. Here’s AARP’s infographic on Generation X and health.

generation x health

If you’re a Gen-Xer how do you feel about being recruited to join AARP?

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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