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Ferris Bueller’s Bedroom Exhibit Is Sensational

Ferris Buellers Bedroom Exhibit 2

Ferris Bueller’s bedroom was recently recreated for the annual Come Up To My Room exhibit at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. The artists, Sarah Keenlyside and Joseph Clement, crowdsourced the installation, which featured a variety of retro posters and a 1980s computer with a dark screen and glowing text.

Ferris Buellers Bedroom Exhibit

Ferris Buellers Bedroom Exhibit 4

Here are a few screenshots from the actual movie. They show Ferris’s room as it appeared in the film.

Ferris Bueller's Bedroom Screenshot

FB Bedroom 2


As crowdsourced efforts go, the project was not especially successful. Despite the fun cause and a terrific website and pitch, the artists only raised $2,255 of their $6,500 goal. Nevertheless, they pulled off a hugely success exhibit that has garnered tons of media coverage.

Here are some of the things they curated for the exhibit.

​Ferris Bueller Bedroom Posters

Cabaret Voltaire – Microphonies
Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me
Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love
The Damned – Phantasmagoria
Blancmange – The Day Before You Came
Blancmange – Get Stuffed
Jah Wobble, The Edge,Holger Czukay – Snake Charmer
Rave Ups
Charlie Sexton – Pictures for Pleasure
Flesh For Lulu – Blue Sisters Swing + Baby Hurricane
Killing Joke
Norman Rockwell – Support the 1951 Red Cross Fund

1980s Electronics

EMU II Emulator
Carver M500t power amp
Carver DTL100 CD player
Carver receiver 2000
Audio Source EQOne equalizer and spectrum analyzer
IBM PC XT computer
Fender “blackface” Bassman + 2×2 cabinet


Mannequin in the bed
Mounted deer head with antlers
Old style life jacket
The horse chair
Bertoia side chair
Basketball trophy with blue base
1985 Pepsi Cans
Town and the City book (by Jack Kerouac)

Photo Source: Sarah Keenlyside.


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