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Are you watching the NatGeo special on Generation X?

Nat Geo Generation X series

The second episode of National Geographic’s six-part series on Generation X airs tonight.

Here is are two previews. The first is on an episode that talks about Generation X and AIDS. The second one is on the Birth of the Slacker.

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  1. Dan

    By the way… does anybody know what song is playing at the start of each episode? My daughter and I are dying to know… We’re going storm chasing in a few weeks and it would make a great addition to our playlist! Apparently, we’re going to listen to a lot of late-80s through mid-90s stuff. If our chase fails, we’re going to have some great music to fail to!

  2. Dan

    Dark, snarky, cynical, and harboring serious trust issues, I am a Gen-Xer through and through. The series has been a fun watch and has explained many of the views of the world that I hold to my wife, with which I have watched the series. Also born in the Gen-X years, my wife is the opposite to my snarky, cynical self. She’s bubbly, positive, optimistic, and believes that things work out for the best. Even so, while watching the series, she has seen a large part of herself in the show, as well. Our middle daughter, aged 15, loves watching the series with us, so she can, as she put it, “see why (her) parents are as screwed up as (we) are”. It also fascinates my daughter to watch our reactions to the segments of the show, which have ranged from hysterical laughter to her father (me) being reduced to tears by sudden, unexpected memories. While my daughter is not used to seeing her dad cry, she says that the wide range of emotions with which we react makes the series that much more real, for her, giving her a better appreciation for the way our pasts have shaped how we have decided to raise our children. After watching “Generation X”, my daughter said, with a nod, “This show explains so much about the two of you”,(referring to my wife and I and has also declared herself a Gen-Xer by extension… wanting nothing to do with the label of “Millennial”.

    • Jennifer

      I’m so fascinated by your daughter’s reaction – fascinated and envious – that she would watch it with you and seek to understand her parents. What a gift. I’m looking forward to the last in the series. I laughed a lot, too, and always cried. I’m so glad they did the series, even if sometimes, it felt like they were talking about somebody else. Thanks, Dan. I really appreciate hearing from you. God bless you and your Gen Z daughter!

  3. Mari

    I watched the first 2 episodes on NatGeo on demand last night. It’s very interesting to hear the theories on how the world events shaped so much of the GenX attitude. Fascinating stuff. And bonus—narrated by “Hard Harry” himself, Christian Slater. My kids caught part of it with me. My 13yo son is declaring himself post-milennial while my 11yo daughter shrugged off the documentary and instead rifled through my CDs to find Metallica, Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Queen, declaring herself a GenXer by default.

    • Jennifer

      Those are some amazing kids you have, Mari! It was very weird for me to hear the term Generation X over and over again throughout the show. It’s rarely mentioned on TV. I may have cried. Ha!


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