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Will Cat and Jack, the new brand for Generation Z, Save Target?

Cat and Jack from Target

A Cat and Jack Graphic T-shirt that says, “Let’s Have Fun Today,” paired with a Cat and Jack bomber with rainbow, star and heart patches.


Cat and Jack, Target’s New Kids’ Brand

Cat and Jack is a new line of children’s clothing for boys and girls. It’s available exclusively at Target. I discovered it this summer while shopping for school clothes and absolutely fell in love with it!

Target launched the new brand, which was created especially for Generation Z, as a way to up its cool factor. According to a story in Bloomberg News, the move was a major risk for the big-box retailer whose luster faded during the Great Recession. The major shift involved doing away with the tried-and-true Cherokee and Circo brands, which have been around for years. Sales for the brand were still performing well, so executives knowingly set out to fix something that wasn’t broken.

cat and jack logoHere’s an excerpt from the news story:

Cat & Jack is geared for a generation of kids that’s more collaborative than competitive. “They’re not about positivity that makes themselves feel good but someone else feel bad,” says Mandy Daneman, who conducts research for Target. She and her team interviewed hundreds of kids, dug into academic studies, and talked with companies such as Walt Disney and Nickelodeon. “The kids told us: I don’t want shirts that say, ‘I Win, You Lose.’ I want shirts that say, ‘We Got This,’ or, ‘Game On.’ ” The team changed a shirt from “Play to Win” to “Play for Fun.”

High Risk, High Reward

So far, the gamble has paid off. Moms are gushing about the kids’ clothes on Twitter. Older guys are even weighing in as the brand includes a line of terrific boy’s clothes. (I’ve bought several T-shirt for my son along with this awesome shirt.

“Someone tell me why the children’s clothing brand Cat and Jack has cuter clothes than most adult brands do.” — Wesley Alexander (@itswessums) October 19, 2016

“OBSESSED with this Cat and Jack line at Target.” –Brittany Rachelle (@BrittRKay) October 9, 2016

“Cat and Jack be getting all my money. Thanks target.” — Brittany (@Simpleeme_b) October 6, 2016

I’m not much of a shopper, but this brand has made me downright giddy.

It’s hello, Cat and Jack. Goodbye, paycheck.

Except Cat and Jack clothes are totally affordable — and “optimistic, modern, wholesome, inclusive and fun.” My daughter Bridgy’s Christmas dress, which is bedazzled with colorful sequins, cost me $25! I bought the jacket she’s wearing in the above picture for about 20 bucks. The “Have Fun Today” t-shirt sells for $9.99.

I look forward to sharing more pictures of Bridgy and Sully in Cat and Jack. Now, if Target would just launch a similar line for grownups!

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  1. Rachel

    Those are great clothes! We stopped shopping at Target for my girls’ clothes when they hit size 7 because they just weren’t what we were looking for. I wish they were little again so that we could buy these! I will definitely we recommending that my friends with kids those ages take a look!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, Rachel! I wish they made Cat & Jack for big people!

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