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Kids Trick-or-Treating, Halloween 1973

Marx Tin Doll House Wolverine

Here’s my latest addition to the Gen X archive. It’s a 35mm slide featuring a scene from Halloween 1973. I love all the kids walking in a line down the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I have no details on the location, but there are mountains in the background.

Halloween 1973

Halloween 1973

Here are some noticeable features in this slide, all of which round out a perfect image of Halloween 1973!

  • A little girl wearing a red jumper and white blouse with red go go boots. I’m not sure if this is a costume or just an outfit this kid put on to wear Trick-or-Treating. I started Kindergarten around the time this picture was taken. Go go boots were popular that year and I actually had a pair that I wore with a little blue outfit called a sizzler. Sizzlers were micro-mini dresses. They came with matching panties that peeked out from underneath the super short dresses. They were usually made of polyester. I am always on the lookout for a picture of a little girl in a sizzler. Terrible name for a kid’s dress, but it’s part of early Gen X history.
  • Kids in the picture are wearing a variety of Collegeville and Ben Cooper Halloween costumes including an astronaut, football player, Bugs Bunny and skeleton. The costumes were so cheap, the common practice was to wear them over your clothes. One of the girls is wearing a long dress with patchwork print. This style became popular just prior to the Bicentennial.
  • If you look closely, you’ll see vintage playground equipment in the picture including the old-style swing sets and monkey bars. Here’s a picture of boys in Halloween costumes on similar monkey bars.
  • The houses in the background are actually duplexes with side-gabled roofs. The style of architecture is known Colonial Revival. These type of homes were primarily built in the 1950s and 1960s. They actually remind me of tin litho doll houses by Marx, Wolverine and Ohio Art. I bought a Wolverine a few years ago at a local swap meet in Oklahoma City. I took a bunch of pictures of it recently and have been waiting for the right time to share them. Today is the day! Click here to see read My Wolverine Tin Doll House and Furniture.

Do you remember Halloween 1973?

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  1. Red Wood

    This is a school parade. You can see the kids in the background, the sidewalk obviously winding around.


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