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Girl Scout Float, Kansas Parade, 1976

Daily Photo: Girl Scout Float, 1976 | Salina, Kansas | Source

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! Check out this beautiful photo of Gen X Girl Scouts. They’re riding a float in a parade in Salina, Kansas, 1976. They’re members of the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland.

Once again, my little girl Bridgy is selling Girl Scout cookies. Typically, we go around the neighborhood, but this year, we ended up at my Alma Mater where we delivered cookies to my friends’ kids! Turns out, we are all old enough to have kids in college. Where did the years go? Shouldn’t I be at the park with my jam box listening to all the Jesus songs by Echo and the Bunnymen?

It was so great being back on my old college campus. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the prayer chapel where I spent so much time. All the prayers we have ever prayed are still being heard and answered. I was so happy to show it to Sully and Bridgy. I took Juliette there on a previous visit to campus. It will always be one of my most favorite places in all the world.

Here she is on a foggy morning, holding her American Girl dressed in the Girl-Scout green. I love this color so much. And, I love the little purple scarf. Bridgy loves being a Girl Scout. Selling cookies is a highlight of her year. Thank you to all our friends who have generously supported her efforts. You are wonderful!


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