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Family’s Lost 8 mm Memories, 1976-77 (Rocky View)

Frank went to a flea market in search of an 8 mm projector. He found one, and inside the case was a family’s lost 8 mm memories from 1976 and 1977. He uploaded the vintage film to YouTube in 2013. It doesn’t appear that anyone has laid claim to it yet.

The collection of short films were probably shot in Canada, as two segments are labeled Rocky View. The municipal district is located in southern Alberta.

The film features some wonderful footage of young Gen-Xers and their mother. All titles include:

  • Stephen Drives the Car, December 1976
  • Sandy’s Birthday, December 1976
  • Christmas 1976
  • Rocky View, December 1976
  • Easter 1977
  • Rocky View, April 1977
  • Sherwood Road, June 1977
  • Rocky View, July 1977
  • Thanksgiving, November 1977
  • Christmas 1977

Lost 8 mm Film

Here are some stops you’ll want to make along the way.

7:50 — Gen-Xers on Thanksgiving gathered ’round the little table

Thanksgiving the Little Table

8:52 — Kid plays with a stuffed Mickey Mouse

11:37 — Boy on a Hot Wheels, Boy on a skateboard

16:08 — 1970s Swimming pool float

17:52/18:08 — Very rare capture of a boy with a Styrofoam bubble flotation device. I had one of these only mine was orange. It preserved my independence (and saved me from drowning!) during my Puddingstone adventures. Puddingstone was a manmade lake in San Dimas, which is located in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles. I went there a few times as a kid. Sadly, the city sold it to developers and in the late 1970s/early 1980s they transformed into some obscene raging waters park. Anyway, check out the boy’s swim bubble!

Boy with strofoam swim bubble 1970s

22:45 — A girl plays with a Mod Ken Doll with rooted hair. These were popular from around 1974 to 1977. She also has her Barbie mounted on a horse.

My favorite part of the film is Sandy’s birthday. Her children are all gathered around her as she blows out the candles on her cake. A few frames later, the children are hugging and kissing a woman who appears to be their grandmother. I hope the family featured in this wonderful film find it someday.

YouTube is an excellent resource for lost 8 mm films. Generous users frequently upload them to site, knowing families want the rare footage of their lives.

Have you ever lost photographs or videos that meant a lot to you?

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