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My Little Girl: A Song For Daughters (Jessica Allossery)

Mothers Day 2015

I believe in Divine appointments, and that’s exactly what Jessica Allossery’s My Little Girl felt like tonight when I heard the song for the first time. I had just picked Bridgy up from gymnastics, and she was so tired from a hard workout. I turned the radio to Coffeehouse on Sirius XM to help her relax on the short drive home. Immediately, Allossery’s song began to play:

You’ve grown up now
And you’ve packed your bags
You’re leaving home as I

Stand here so speechless
Cause you’re so beautiful
As you live your dreams
And I want you to know
You will always be

My little girl
My little, my little girl
This is your world
So go explore now…

Now you’re older
A woman in your right
You’ll make choices
And I’ll be by your side
If you want me too
I will be here for you
Cause you’re so beautiful
And I want you to know

My little girl
My little, my little girl
This is your world
So go explore now…

We’ve been through a lot together
I’m in awe of how you turned out
This year has been so hard
But I know you will bloom

Daughter just don’t bloom too soon

The second I got home, I texted the song to my oldest, Juliette. It’s everything that’s in my heart for her right now. That last line, this year has been so hard…

Just 11 days ago, Allossery announced on her website that this is just her third original song to make it to Coffeehouse. Isn’t that so exciting for her?! Dreams still come true. More importantly, this custom song is a touching testimony about a family striving to celebrate their daughter’s life following the tragic loss of their son. Read the story here.

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