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Saint Bridget and Humble Flight From the World

St. Bridget of Sweden wrote five inward and five outward things we must have. This wise instruction was given to her by Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Until today, I had never read these words. They are so beautiful, I wanted to pass them along to you. 

Rosary First Communion
My Bridgy at her First Communion, 2015

“Daughter, you must have five inward things and five outward. First outwardly: 

  • A mouth clean of all detraction
  • Ears closed to idle talk
  • Modest eyes
  • Hands busy with good works
  • Withdrawal from the world’s way of life.

 Inwardly, you must have five things: 

  • Namely, fervent love for God and wise longing for Him
  • The distribution of your temporal goods with a just and right intention and in a rational way
  • Humble flight from the world
  • Long-suffering
  • Patient expectation of my promises

Mary concluded, “Which of the saints had the sweetness of the spirit without experiencing bitterness? Therefore, one who craves sweetness must not flee from things that are bitter.”

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